6 Organisational Tips

Keeping your home organized can be a never-ending battle – Kids, work, sports, family, friends, schedules… Life does indeed get busy. Check out these organization hacks to keep you (and your stuff) organized.

  1. Add a magnetic strip to your bathroom to keep scissors, tweezers, clippers, bobby pins and hair ties on hand.
  2. Hang your earrings on dream catchers for mess-free storage
  3. Use old toilet rolls to keep and store cords separately
  4. Cut up a pool noodle & insert it into your boots to keep them in shape.
  5. Stack folded clothes vertically instead of horizontally, so then you can see all your wardrobe at once.
  6. Install a curtain rod under the kitchen sink to hang all your cleaning spray bottles – up and out of the way.

Please let us know some tips that work well for you.