Chores for Summer – maintaining your properties to reduce costs

Summer Holidays are nearly upon us ; there are a few maintenance tasks that come up for properties this time of year. Keeping a regular maintenance routine on your property keeps costs down in the long run as it prevents major damage that will incur higher costs to fix.

1. Housewashing: Rid the exterior of moss, dirt, and cobwebs that have collected over the year to keeps the paintwork in good order and be aware of any hidden repair needs such as cracks in exterior coating or peeling paint.

2. Exterior Paint: A good house paint job should last up to 10 years, but eaves and window and door surrounds typically take a beating with the constant sun exposure and weather. Make sure to attend to any peeling paint sooner than later to prevent wood rot and damage. It is far cheaper to keep these maintained than to replace rotten wood.

3. Decks, Fences, and Gates: Attend to any repairs, wash off moss, and repaint/restain to keep the wood protected and lasting longer.

4. Driveway, Pathways, and Patios: Pressure wash these areas to remove any moss to keep them safe for tenants and people visiting the property. You may also want to apply a coat of weed spray to keep them under control.

5. Roofs: Treat for lichen or moss; attend to any minor repairs, and repaint for the metal rooftops if needed.

6. Hedges and Trees: Have hedges pruned on a regular basis. If it has been a while, now is the time to get them cut back and under control? Trim any trees that are not in fruit to keep them well managed and away from roof lines. Come autumn, they will need another visit, depending upon the type of tree.

7. Annual Bug Abatement: Springtime brings all sorts of unwanted guests who can do slow hidden damage with walls, and make a tenant’s life a bit uncomfortable. With your house wash, you can have the structure sprayed on the exterior to prevent insect invasions.

Your property manager looks for these items in their regular inspections, and will alert you if something needs attention either in the short term or long term. We try to provide you as much notice as possible to aid in your maintenance and cash flow planning. Please speak with your property manager if you want to pursue any of these maintenance items on your