Condition Reports

It’s been a bit of a stressful day today!

Over the years Quinovic Merivale has taken on several properties that already have tenants in place, generally that works fine, but sometimes it all goes horribly wrong when it becomes time to do a final inspection when that tenant moves out. That’s what we have had to deal with today.

There’s nothing majorly wrong in this particular case, just a couple of minor repair jobs and an extremely dirty oven. The owner is saying that the damage is new and that the oven was sparkling when the tenant moved in. Of course the tenant is saying the exact opposite.

The problem is… There is absolutely no documentation to support either claim at the beginning of the tenancy, so unfortunately either way the damage is now a cost that will be worn by the owner, without proof that the damage was new there are no grounds to proceed to tribunal to get the tenant to pay for repairs. The tenant still needs to leave the oven in a “reasonable standard” but it is probably not worth the time and money to recoup the costs.

Thankfully this owner is probably only looking at a loss of $200 but some situations are a lot worse and could leave an owner $1000s out of pocket.

Quinovic Merivale certainly understands the importance of in-depth condition reports at the beginning of a tenancy. We also ensure that the tenant signs for a condition report as part of their tenancy agreement. These reports are not only extremely detailed; noting the condition of Ceilings; walls; floors and all chattels, they are supported by in excess of 300 photos depending on the size of the property. In today’s digital world it takes just a few minutes to have a complete photographic library to safe guard all parties at the end of a tenancy.

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