Who will manage my property at Quinovic?

Sharon Layton is in charge of all new managements until the property is tenanted. Then you’re assigned a property manager that will take care of your property on a day-to-day basis.

As the franchise owner Sharon is updated regularly on all activities involving your property. She is always only a phone call away.

How often does Quinovic inspect our property?

If the tenancy is running smoothly, standard practice is every three months. We cannot inspect the property more often than every 28 days and must give tenants at least 48 hours’ prior notice.

We advise you to check your insurance policy! Most private landlords don’t like to inspect a property too often but many insurance policies stipulate their criteria for claims made on a tenanted property.

Are tenants’ rental payments made into a Trust Account?

Yes. All rental payments are personally reconciled three times every day in the local office by business owner and operator Sharon Layton.

Furthermore, payments are checked daily at Group Office level.

How does Quinovic process rents?

Rents are processed every working day. Payments to owners are made five working days after receipt, once it’s been cleared by the bank. This usually means weekly payments to owners.

When are Quinovic Property Managers available?

A member of staff at Quinovic Merivale is available 24/7 for emergencies. Our staff is of course entitled to time off in the evening and over weekends, and the Duty Manager may not be able to answer property specific questions. However you assigned property manager will get back to you during the next working day.

What are Quinovic’s Fees?

Our fees are very competitive. We don’t apologise for not being the cheapest, but we’re definitely not the most expensive. Over a 12-month period our higher occupancy rates and faster payments to owners make our rates much more desirable.

Our Management Fee is 8.5% of the rental income.
$45 per quarterly inspection
10% mark-up on maintenance invoices
$10 per rates or utility account
(Charges are plus GST)

How can Quinovic ensure the most desirable tenants?

It’s in our best interest to sign quality tenants for our owners. We work closely with owners to determine their preferred tenant profile and market the property accordingly. We do stringent reference and credit checks. We also use Illion (previously TINZ) to look at the financial history of potential clients, as well as other information lodged online by previous landlords.

How does Quinovic do reference and credit checks?

We conduct detailed reference checks with previous landlords, employers and reputable character referees.

We also use Illion (previously TINZ) for our credit checks. This service not only looks at the financial history of potential tenants but also other information lodged online by previous landlords. (This information is not usually available to private landlords.)

How does a tenant get their bond back?

Provided the property is left in an acceptable condition at the final inspection, both parties are required to sign the release documents for Tenancy Services. Once the paperwork is received it usually takes 3-5 working days for reimbursement to be made direct to the tenant. Any monies owing for repairs, cleaning, or rental arrears are made directly to Quinovic.

Does a tenant need insurance?

We recommend that tenants obtain Comprehensive Content Insurance cover for their personal belongings as this is not covered by the owner’s policy. We also recommend that tenants carry additional tenants insurance.

How often can rents be increased?

Rents cannot be increased more frequently than every 180 days. A Fixed-term Tenancy agreement must contain a clause that this can occur. The tenant must be given 60 days’ notice of any intended increase. If the tenant disputes the increase, the landlord may be required to prove that the increase is in line with market rentals.

Why use a property management company?

Many private landlords very successfully manage their own rental portfolio.

However, there are many pitfalls that you could fall prey to.

Property Management is a business where emotions have no place in order to secure your best return on investment.

Typically private landlords bond with good tenants. As such they don’t want to inconvenience them by doing regular inspections or those required by their insurance companies; don’t regularly reviews rentals to optimise their return on investment; often open themselves to fines for failing to adhere to the requirements of the Residential Tenancies Act such as failure to lodge bonds timeously, include clauses in contract that cannot be upheld; being abroad for longer than 21 days without appointing an agent to act on their behalf.

Quinovic gives you peace of mind by taking care of the day-to-day management of your property, leaving you to get on with the things you enjoy doing.