Rental Property Garden – get a garden, even if you’re renting

Even though you might be renting, you can make your rental property feel so much more homely, by creating your own vibrant garden!

Potted plants are the ultimate way to turn your rental property into a home with gorgeous potted plants! Here are some tips for getting started:

Choose Your Pots Wisely
Choose between plastic or terracotta/ceramic pots. Terracotta and ceramic pots are nice and heavy, so they won’t tip over, but they’re harder to move around, but plastic pots are easy to move around to different spots in your garden.
Regardless of what pot you choose, be sure to select an appropriate sized saucer below the pot so that you avoid any damage to the surface below the pot.

Select a Plant Type
Some plants that thrive in pots are:
Aloe vera
Snake plant
Jade plant
Rubber tree

Caring for your Plants
Be mindful of watering your plants appropriately, and get plenty of advice from your local nursery (or the internet) on how much to water each plant.Use fertilisers that are especially designed for potted plants.

Re-pot your plants each year, to avoid your plants becoming root bound, giving them more space to grow.

Enjoy having plants in your rental property and making it feel like your own home!