How to “WIN” That Property

As Christmas draws nearer so does the peak season for rental properties, and competition can be high. If you show up to a rental inspection with fifty other people, you can’t afford to be cavalier about your application. If an agent is trying to choose between you and another application that has all ‘I’s’ dotted and “T’s’ crossed, you need to match and outshine the opposition- especially if you are a group sharing a home

Here are seven things to consider when submitting a rental application.

1. Make sure you have all the correct documentation

You WILL need references, the completed application form, pet references if applicable, photo ID and ideally a cover letter. Make sure you have all of these documents copied and ready to submit to the agent because you will end up looking super organized, and we now that organized people pay their rent and are easy to deal with (oh! the generalization)

2. Save time & apply online.

We barely use snail mail for anything anymore, so why should rental applications be any different? If you click on the apply button on any property in our Rent section, you’ll be redirected to a simple online application form.

3. Get your housemates into gear

Your housemates don’t have to attend the property inspection (although this is preferable) but you need to get their full and completed application and references. If you have a complete set of documentation for all members of the household you’ve got a better chance of being on the top of the pile.

4. Be on time

This is a general courtesy rule but one that is applicable to all professions. Holding an open house is quite stressful and usually agents work solo in circumstances like this, so they’re very busy on the day. ( and say hello with a smile )

5. Make your application as uncomplicated as possible

Only submit the necessary documents. It’s fine to have any additional documents you think you might need on hand, but only submit what the agent asks for. 

6. Be presentable at the inspection

You don’t have to wear a suit but it’s important to look presentable. It shows you’re keen to secure the property and that you’re taking the application process seriously.

If you show up looking like you mean business, you could increase your chances of success.- Extra hint- Don’t have rubbish all through your car

7. Follow up

If you’ve submitted an application and you haven’t heard anything 48 hours later, do send a follow up to the agent.

Let them know you’re very interested in the property and that you’re happy to provide any additional information or references they might need.

Being engaged and active throughout the application process is sure to position your application favorably in the eyes of the property manager and prospective landlord!