“I will Never Work as a Property Manager, Mum!!!”

For a number of years now I have not so subtly suggested to my daughter (almost 10) that she become an electrician when she grows up- I tell her that it‘s a job that will be around in the future, pays well and won’t cost me a small fortune in University fees. She always giggles and pretends she thinks I am joking!

Well, the other morning she also added “but I guess there is more chance of that than my being a property manager”….

Some days I am not sure that it’s a career that I would wish on my worst enemy but most days I love what I do so of course I asked her “why not?”

Firstly, she said- “You work too many hours- including the weekends!”

Well that’s true but the days go by fast with varying things happening each day, but more importantly it also gives me the flexibility to be a mum when it is the most important. For the most part I get to attend prize giving’s, parent teacher meetings and even school outings. Surely that is worth the trade-off that we have to do the occasional weekend meeting, or my daughter has to come to the office with me during school holidays as I’m not able to take the time off?

Also, everyone always seems to be upset with you, no matter what you do for them.

I guess she only sees, hears the bigger things that go on when I am talking to others or she is in the office. Yes, some days it really does feel like we are stuck between a rock and a hard place but whether its a tenant or a home owner we have to be able to remove emotions from a situation and come to an answer in order to comply with the law and make things right- Whether that is “pay your rent no matter what” or “yes you have to repair the windows” the tenant has to have a safe and secure home”

These things might not be what the other party wants to hear- but at the end of the day some things just have to happen the way they have to happen

And what is it you keep saying about the government people these days?

Let’s not be too political here but I think she is actually referring to the added pressures that have been put on the industry in the past couple of years in regarding to Insulation requirements, the upcoming Healthy Homes Standards and the ridiculous impact of the Osaka ruling and what effect it has had on the burden of payment for damage caused by the tenant.

It’s true, these things have caused a lot of extra (unpaid) work and stress, and there are certainly a number of things that I would have approached in a different way BUT, at the end of the day – the end results will be better, warmer, safer homes for our tenants- and will ultimately protect the home owners’ investment long term.

So, at the end of the day, my daughter will be whoever she wants to be and she will not follow in her mother’s footsteps. So long as she is happy, that is all that matters.

(and who knows she may be an electrician yet )