Internal Customer Service


Not all my thoughts happen at work; or are necessarily related to Quinovic Merivale. However we are all about customer service.

This is generally thought of as being the way we treat our tenants and of course our property owners; but for my staff and I, it also includes the way we treat each other- especially if there are other people around.

I have been using the same hairdressers for several years now and whilst the staff has changed the service has always been great and I have always left feeling happy. On my last two visits the service has not changed but strangely I have left feeling rather deflated and it was down to the internal customer service.

One member of staff (the same on both occasions) constantly treated her colleagues with disrespect; snide little comments made to various staff, which were not only uncalled for, but more importantly downright rude. There was certainly no need for the comments to be made in the manner that they were in front of a salon full of people.

As I say, it has happened on more than one occasion so the staff member was not just having a bad day (unacceptable anyway) and I could tell from the demeanour of the other staff that this was a regular occurrence. I was embarrassed so I hate to think how the other staff felt. I did enquire if this lady was part of the management team (this would have been worse) and was pleased to find out that she was not; if she had been I probably would have stopped going to the salon in question.

However, overall this experience was a great reminder, I only hope that my staff and I do not treat each other this way and if I have a bad day and become guilty of this sort of behaviour that my staff will ignore the fact that I pay their wages and tell me to treat them with respect!!