Over 30 years with Quinovic New Zealand- 13 Years with Quinovic Merivale

Mixed feelings as we are about to settle on the sale of our last rental property. A strange feeling after over 30 years as a Quinovic client.

It started in Wellington in 1990. Having been transferred offshore we were seeking a professional to manage the rental of our family home in Silverstream. By far the best of the managers we interviewed was Quinovic Kent Terrace. Ross Davey, subsequently the Franchisor of Quinovic nationwide, impressed us with his knowledge, his approach and his professionalism. Going with Quinovic was never a decision that we regretted.

Over the years we acquired a number of rental properties within Wellington city, often with the assistance of Quinovic who identified suitable properties for us and sometimes even handled the buying negotiations on our behalf. (Some years later they would also help with the sale of these properties).

Coming back to New Zealand in 2004 offered the opportunity for us to take over the management of our rental properties. Frankly it never crossed our minds. Why take over from a proven system. Property investment is not a hobby. With a considerable investment in real estate why not let professionals handle matters.

With a subsequent move to the South Island we moved a part of our investment to Christchurch and the West Coast. We engaged the services of Quinovic Merivale and for the past 13 years have been delighted with the service offered by Sharon Layton and her team.

Over 30 years with the same property managers may be unusual. It wasn’t without its issues over the years but what always impressed us about Quinovic – whether Wellington or Merivale – is that they always owned any problem and resolved any matters amicably. The fact that we only attended the Tenancy Services Tribunal once over 30 years speaks highly of their property management skills and standards.

At this point we no longer have a need for the services of Quinovic but if you are reading this considering engaging professional property managers we suggest that you would find it very hard to better Quinovic.

Craig and Shirley Murphy