Paige’s Poem for Ukraine

A solitary tear

Barely escaping the eye of my mother

Flesh clung to the bones

On the body of my brother

Flee we must

But flee to where

I can’t let myself believe there’s a place

Without war in the air

My heart was shattered

And the pieces were burned

Along with my father

Left in an urn

I listen

The soft sounds

Of a piano, it plays

Reminding me


Of the past, the glorious days

Where my home twas not a bomb site

And my father would scoop me into his arms

My brother would smile

With his glorious charms

We asked for this not

We in Ukraine

Not this fire, this death

Not for their bullets to rain

I want to be like the sweet music

The piano man plays

Rising past the bleak clouds

To once again see the sunrays

My mother grips my arm

Shoves me onto a train

I scream out for her,

The doors shut

We are separated again

“Wait in the station!

My love, I’ll see you soon”

She howls like the wind

As the train vanishes into the gloom

I think of her old smile

But her happiness is lost

Covered up with misery

A layer of frost

It has taken much from me,

This war

This war that will reap no gain

This meaningless fight

Russia vs Ukraine

I hear a soft whistle

Growing louder by the second

I look out the window,

A bomb,

A nuke

Sent by great Russia’s hand

Tears trickle from my eyes

A sense of impending death begins to bloom

In my last minutes I think of my mother

I never got to say

“I love you”