Please stop asking about our fees!

Start asking us about our VALUE

The question needs to change to- What do I get for the money that you charge?

Property Management is not an easy career and a lot of our job goes on behind the scenes and we carry out the tasks because that is what we do. However we often forget to tell our clients ( and the general public) just what goes on so they believe that everything is smooth and easy- because for them it is.

As a property manager we need to be advisers, mentors, councilors, accountants, handymen, cleaners, project managers and the list goes on! That is on top of actually being a property manager.

This week we took on three new build properties and within 48 hours of the first viewing we had signed contracts on them at higher than market rent and with excellent tenants moving in the same week. Our job is easy right? This is what we get paid for.

We also arranged for full house loads of curtains to be installed, Healthy Homes compliance to be signed off and contacted the local council and arranged delivery of the bins and followed up with the developers to remove port-a-loos and chased their cleaners for a final clean.

These things are only achievable in such a short period of time when you have a team of trustworthy, excellent staff and tradies around you who will drop everything to help you out and know who to contact in order to get things done to ensure the best outcome for our clients.

Did we charge for any of these extra items NO- absolutely not. Our clients are hiring us to be their eyes , ears, and bodies on the ground- When the client is not based near their investment property surely this sort of service is invaluable?