Regular Inspections

The Importance of Regular Inspections – Quinovic Merivale

I seem to have had a flurry of private landlords lately who have been caught out by the insurance providers for not having done regular inspections.

Regular inspections of the property MUST be entered into after the tenant has been settled for ONE month. This is invaluable as this time fame allows us to identify any potential problems and correct them before any damage occurs.

Legislation allows us to conduct routine inspections every 28 days, however you must also be mindful of the tenants’ right to “quiet enjoyment”. After our initial monthly inspection we follow up again after every 3 months. At these inspections we are checking the property is well cared for and maintenance is not being ignored. After all, a water drip can become damage if it is not attended to.

After each inspection both the owner and the tenant will be provided with written notification of our inspection of the property- along with photographs. We understand communication builds trust and we strive to keep you fully informed.

PLEASE!…I say it time and time again, but if you are managing your property yourself or you have friends doing it on your behalf- CHECK YOUR INSURANCE POLICIES. Almost all policies now state that rental properties MUST be inspected, documented and recorded every 6 months, many have increased this to 3 months. If you have to make a claim, you WILL BE asked for these documents and if they cannot be provided then your claim is likely to be declined.