Rent Reviews

I quite often talk to private landlords who have proudly had their tenants in place for years. I will then ask how often they review the rents – quite often the answer is “never”.

Don’t get me wrong; I am a firm believer that a long term tenant, with no down time between tenancies is the best scenario for all parties involved and it is certainly not worth chasing $10 a week and then having an empty property for 3 weeks.

However, I am often quoted as saying “property investment is a business and not a hobby” and given the financial increases that landlords have incurred over the past couple of years there is a need to regularly review your rental return.

As an investor we understand that generally the objective is to maximise income and optimise capital growth. The right property manager will help you do both- Whilst still keeping a tenant happy.

As part of our service we are constantly keeping track of what is happening in the market place and we review your rents to keep up. We carry out these reviews every six months and of course as a tenancy nears termination. We don’t just focus on managing your property, we focus on managing your assets.

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