Saving Money on your Power Bill

Power Tips

Winter generally means higher power bills! Have you been looking for ways to save money?  Here are a few things you can do in your home, even if you’re renting:

Replace Old Appliances

If your kettle, toaster, microwave, fridge or washing machine are really old, they’re probably not as energy efficient as their newer versions.  Over time, look to replace these appliances with newer items with better energy efficiency ratings. AND IF APPLIANCES ARE NOT IN USE TURN THEM OFF AT THE WALL

Switch Light Bulbs

Replace your light bulbs with fluorescent or LED bulbs.  Both are much more energy efficient, and you’ll probably find that both types last much longer.

Stop Draughts

Whether you’re trying to keep your house cool in Summer or warm in Winter, use “door snakes” to stop draughts from coming in, or going out, of your house.

Use Appliances Properly

Do you find yourself filling your kettle all the way up, only to make one cup of tea for yourself?  Try only boiling the amount of water you actually need.  Do you allow the clothes dryer to run much longer than your clothes actually need?  Test to see how long the clothes need, and pull them out sooner.