Who needs a Property Manager?

Quinovic works with a wide range of property owners:
  • Owners moving away and renting out their family home;
  • Investors needing help with their property investment portfolio;
  • Investors who want their property portfolio to work smarter for them;
  • Owners who’ve been managing their own properties and no longer want the responsibility and hassle;
  • Owners whose current Property Managers are not providing the service level they expect

We offer a comprehensive range of services to property owners, investors and tenants. Our experienced long-term property management team takes great pride in looking after you and your property.

To take the hassle out of managing your property and give you peace of mind that it is well-managed, maintained and safe our services include:


We work closely with owners to establish a preferred tenant profile and advertise accordingly to attract good tenants.

Tenant Selection

Tenant screening is an important part of our business. We have a stringent process to ensure that we get quality tenants who will look after your property.

Reference and Credit Checks

We conduct detailed reference checks with previous landlords, employers and reputable character referees. We know which questions to ask to establish the credibility of referees.
We also use Illion Tenancy (Formally TINZ) to look at the financial history of potential tenants as well as other information lodged online by previous landlords.

Rent Collection

Our rents are processed daily. Payments to owners are made as soon as tenants pay us and their payments are fully cleared by the bank. In most cases this means weekly payments.

Management of Arrears

We have a zero tolerance policy in terms of rental arrears.

We start recovery proceedings on behalf of owners as soon as the rent is one day late. We contact the tenant and tell them to pay the rent in cash at our office the same day, or provide proof of payment. Failure to comply will result in a letter immediately being sent informing the tenant that Quinovic will proceed with action that will culminate in an eviction notice being served. The owner is kept in the loop throughout this recovery process.


We ensure that your property is always in good repair. Maintenance issues are addressed and dealt with promptly. We work with trades people who share our commitment to quality work, done on time and within budget.

Work is closely monitored and you’re kept in the loop until the work is completed.
We pay for work that falls within the scope of the amount agreed to in our Management Agreement with you. Work exceeding that amount is referred to the owner for approval prior to work being authorised. The only exceptions are electrical and water problems that need to be resolved immediately in the interest of safety and to avoid further damage.


In addition to conducting a detailed inspection at the start of each tenancy, we inspect your property at 3-monthly intervals to ensure it is being looked after properly. On completion we provide you with a written report that highlights potential and preventative maintenance issues. We also provide photos taken during inspections to the owner, as well as to new tenants when they move in.

Market-related Rentals

We review rentals for the properties we manage on a regular basis and advise owners on rental increases or decreases required in order to ensure maximum occupancy rates. This of course has to be done within the guidelines of the Residential Tenancies Act.

Regular Communication

We know that regular ongoing communication with our owners and tenants is vital to minimise potential disputes, arrears and dissatisfaction.

Our communication channels are always open. We encourage owners and tenants to contact us if they have any concerns or need advice.

On call 24/7

A member of the team at Quinovic Merivale is available 24/7 for emergencies. Emergency repairs will be authorised and arranged by the Duty Manager. She may not be able to answer property specific question but your assigned Property Manager will respond promptly during the next business day.
Sharon is of course well informed on any issues that arise outside of normal business hours.

Financial Management

Our cutting-edge financial management systems and software have been developed and refined to maximise your return on investment. In addition to rent collection and regular payments to you, we provide full financial reporting year-round for you and your accountant.

Room-by-room Rentals

Quinovic Merivale is one of only a few companies with a significant portfolio of this type of accommodation that operates in this fast-growing sector of property management in Christchurch.