Spring as Sprung

As the flowers begin to bloom ( and the rain settles in ) we must not let our house be stuck with the winter blues. Spring cleaning is all about freshening up our homes and your minds, to get a head start on the always hectic finish to the year. So, get the kitchen gloves ready and follow these steps below:

  1. Cull and declutter

Physical clutter can have an effect on your mental clutter – and what better time than spring to simplify your life at home in order to free up your mind in the process. Choose the step-by-step approach – Start with one drawer, one storage unit or one room at a time. And work your way through your home step-by-step. Only start working in a new room once you have finished the one you are working in.​

2. Clean like you mean it

This is the time to give your home sweet home a deep clean. Just like the decluttering process, this is best done by attending to one room at a time. Do a quick research on how to properly clean each room and prepare to get your hands dirty. The reward will be worth it, just imagine how lovely it’s going to be to have every nook, cranny, cupboard, line of grout and skirting board clean.

3. Get smart with storage

Once you have thoroughly cleaned your home and have said your goodbyes to all the things you no longer need, now is the time to think smart about storage. There are plenty of space-savvy storage solutions that are possible without creating an eyesore in the process. Use the wall for stylish shelves and chunky hooks, choose furniture that serve multiple purposes, and prepare to use every nook and cranny by always thinking under and over.

4. If you own the home, Play around with paint Spring is also an opportunity to begin a new and refreshed look to your home. We want our space to feel more energised as we head towards the warmer weather. The most effective way to liven up your space is by creating a colourful retreat. Have some fun by using colour this spring! Pinks are such an easy colour to live with and create a beautiful warm and elegant ambience. You can scheme pinks with soft greys, whites or neutrals, or as a contrast against stronger colours, such as, teal, red and charcoal.