Spruce Up your Investment Property in a Weekend

If your tenants have just moved out, why not get into the property for the weekend and give the property a quick Spruce Up!  Here are some quick, easy and affordable tips for doing a spruce up:

Change kitchen cupboard handles
You can pick up new handles from your local hardware store and install them yourself.  This will give you kitchen a modern touch, without breaking the bank.

Update the shower curtain
Choose a curtain that is modern, fresh and makes the bathroom looked brighter and cleaner

Install doorstops
It won’t really change the appearance of your investment property immediately, but if you have doorstops on all doors, your walls and paintwork will avoid the risk of door handle damage, making the paintwork last longer.

Mulch the garden
Putting fresh mulch down in the garden achieves two things: firstly, it makes your gardens look fresh and tidier, but secondly, it will also prevent weeds from growing through, so it will keep the gardens looking fresher for longer!