Handy Tips for Tenants

Getting Started

Contact us and let us know what kind of property you require and what your budget is. We’ll do our best to find you something suitable.

Having the required information with you when you’re viewing a property will definitely work in your favour. Most landlords and property managers require the names and contact numbers for three referees. These are generally previous landlords and employers.

They’ll also do credit checks on you so will need photographic ID and your Driver’s License or Passport details.

Signing an Agreement

Be absolutely sure you know what you’re signing. If there’s more than one adult that’ll be living in the property it’s a good idea for you all to be named as tenants.

Are you signing a Fixed-term or Periodic Tenancy? Are you fully aware of your responsibilities under both options?

Condition Report

At the beginning of your tenancy you should be provided with a full condition report. Read it carefully and if there’s anything you disagree with, notify your landlord within two weeks of moving in.

During your Tenancy

During a tenancy there are terms and conditions that both the landlord and tenant are expected to follow. These will be detailed in your Tenancy Agreement. General information is also available on the Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment website.

Failure to adhere to these conditions may result in penalties.


We strongly recommend that you arrange Comprehensive Content Insurance cover for your personal belongings as this is not covered by owners’ insurance.

Be aware that if you or a visitor accidentally damages the property you can be held responsible for repairs or replacement.


Your property manager or landlord is required to carry out regular inspections of the property. This will generally happen every three months but more frequent inspections may be required. You are entitled to at least 48 hours’ notice prior to a visit that will usually be arranged at a mutually convenient time.

Repairs and Maintenance

You must notify your landlord or property manager of any maintenance issues or necessary repairs that come to your attention. In case of an emergency call the office on 03 3550348 – your call will be transferred to the on-duty property manager.

We’ll attend to the problem as soon as possible. You’ll be required to allow access to any trades people.

If you arrange repairs or maintenance without notifying the landlord or property manager, you may be held responsible for costs.

Any damage deemed to have been caused by the tenant will be invoiced accordingly.

Changes to you Tenancy

Any alterations to the original Tenancy Agreement such as a change of tenant or an increase in the number of occupants must be agreed to and documented by the landlord.

Ending the Tenancy

If you’re on a Periodic Tenancy, as the tenant you’re required to give 28 days’ written notice of your intention to vacate.

If you’re on a Fixed-term Tenancy no notice period can be given prior to the termination date. For any tenancy signed after 11 February 2021 the tenany will automatically roll on to a periodic lease 28 days prior to the termination date- If you wish to have the stability of a further fixed period, just ask your landlord.

However, should you experience unforeseen changes during your tenancy and need to vacate early, you must contact Quinovic as soon as possible so that you can get a full understanding of your responsibilities.

Moving Out

You must ensure that the property and gardens are clean and tidy. If commercial cleaners have to be hired the cost will be recovered from your bond.

Don’t forget to redirect your mail.

Take final power/gas readings and inform your provider.

It’s your responsibility to return keys timeously on the last day of your tenancy – failure to do so may result in new keys being cut, for your account.

Your bond will be returned to you promptly as long as the property is left as it should be. Both your and our signatures are required for Tenancy Services to release any monies.