“The 6 Questions You Should Ask A Property Manager Before Handing Over the Keys To Your Investment Property”

  1. How Do You Advertise My Property?

The answer you want to hear is:

  • Firstly, we have an active tenant database.  This means that every time a tenant is looking for a rental property to live in, we capture their contact information.  This means that when your property becomes available, we contact them directly, rather than waiting for them to find your property amidst the huge rental lists on the internet.
  • Secondly, we use your neighborhood.  Your neighbors are the people we want to stay good friends with!  So we let them know that we’re looking for someone good to move into your property.  Chances are, they might have friends or family who want to live in your street.  Quite often, these are the best people for your property and it makes this process much simpler.
  • Thirdly, we use the internet to market your property (gone are the days when tenants walked the main street in your suburb, peering in the windows of agents!- though we have this too).  However, because of how busy the internet gets with advertising, we’ve studied techniques to make the headline of your ad stand out from the crowd, and how best to price your property to attract the attention of every tenant in your area. This includes- Trade,me- Quinovic.com and Facebook.
  • Finally, if we want to create even more “buzz” about your property, we can pursue other marketing options.  These options include a “For Lease” sign, newspaper advertising, out of area marketing, etc.

An important thing to remember is that this is our standard answer at Quinovic Merivale, so you’ll need to make sure that your Property Manager can give you the same level of assurance about this question.

  • How Do You Show People Through My Property?

The answer you want to hear is:

A Group Showing. AND ABSOLUTELY NO viewings take place without our presence- we do not hand out keys!

This is a technique used in sales, where we invite all interested parties (and even some of your friends and family, if they’re free) to view the property all at once.  As you can imagine, the more people walking through the property, the more popular the property looks.  The more popular the property looks, the faster applications come in, and the higher the offers on the property are.

At Quinovic Merivale, we love this process.  It creates excitement and gets a fast (and great) result!

  • How Do You Process A Rental Application?

The answer you want to hear is:

  • Firstly, we do the standard checks on people.  These checks include verifying identification (using multiple points of ID), verifying previous places of residence (either confirming they have rented in the past or confirming they did own a property previously), checking references (either from their previous landlord, or from the agent who sold their home), confirming employment (making sure that they can afford to pay the agreed rental amount), ensuring the tenant isn’t listed on a default tenant database (with an outstanding debt elsewhere).
  • Then, we become “detectives”.  We start to dig deeper into people’s applications.  We double check that the phone number they gave us for their place of employment is correct and listed in the White Pages.  We “Google” tenant’s names and addresses to find out any extra information about them.  We use “Facebook” to get an understanding of people’s lifestyle situation.  Sometimes it’s very interesting what you find out about people, that they didn’t tell you.  Let’s face it, these tenants are going to move into your property, so we make sure we know everything we possibly can about them!

Playing “detective” is one of the most important things we do at Quinovic Merivale.  It helps us be sure about the type of person we’re dealing with.  Of course, people’s circumstances change sometimes, but we want to make sure you’re informed about what type of person you’re offering your property to!

  •  Do I Get To SEE The Applications?

The answer you want to hear is:


This should be a simple one to answer.  Listen for any “exceptions” on what you’re allowed to view.  You can have as little or as much to do with this part of the process as you wish.

  •  Who Chooses The Tenant?

The answer you want to hear is:


You own the property, you choose the tenant.  Sure, we’ll offer you advice (based on our experience), we’ll even tell you who we’d choose.  But you make the final decision.  You don’t even have to choose ANY of the applications if you’re not sure.

Owning an investment property is a risky, but rewarding, business.  When Quinovic Merivale manages your investment property, you’ll never feel any pressure to choose any of the tenants’ applications we show you.  If they don’t “add up”, we’ll go looking for someone else for you!

  • On your inspections- Can I come too?  

The answer you want to hear is:

Yes, Just let us know that you would like to join us and we will arrange a time to suit you (within the guidelines of the RTA)

At Quinovic Merivale, we understand that you hire a property manager for a reason- To run your investment as a business that you are not actively involved in. Which is why we send you an in-depth written report with colour photos. You also have access to your property and tenancy details online 24/7.