The Storm is Coming- How to Protect Your Rental Property

Stay Safe this Storm Season!

We Kiwis are no strangers to damaging storms, heavy rain, and cyclones, especially at this time of year

Whilst we may enjoy the odd snow fight or trip down the ski slopes, Sometimes nature takes its course and rain and storms impact our lives, so we’ve put together some helpful tips on how to prepare for storms this season.

How to storm-proof your home

You can better protect your home from the damage storms can create. Storm-proof your home at this time of the year by:

  1. Ensuring trees in your yard are cut back with dead branches moved away from your house
  2. Maintaining your roof by keeping your gutters clear, securing loose tiles, and fixing sealing leaks
  3. Keep sand bags and the like close to hand if you are in a flood zone or down a slope
  4. Preparing your emergency plan.
  5. ( Keep hot soup and board games close to hand )