There’s Snow on Them Hills- How to Beat the Winter Blues

Well, winter is certainly on its way – It’s the time of year where the days get shorter and the nights colder, even the finest of us can get a little down with the winter blues. How to beat winter blues

1. Exercise – Exercise also helps your mind by releasing those “feel good chemicals” that improve your mood
2. Eat a Healthy Diet – These healthy foods provide your body & mind with nutrients, and stabilize your blood sugar and your energy levels.
3. Get Some Sun – Sunlight provides us with Vitamin D & it also improves your mood? Lack of sunlight can cause many people to become depressed – sit in the sunshine for 10mins/day
4. Treat Yourself – Having something to look forward to can keep anyone motivated. Winter seems endless! But if you plan something exciting, your mood improves when you’re anticipating it & you look forward to treating yourself! Make it positive!

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