Welcome to Autumn

Welcome to the start of Autumn…. The season of contentment at home. Even though it’s just started, the changing of nature’s colours through Hagley Park and crisp air in the mornings are now becoming more noticeable. Do you enjoy sitting outside with a cup of tea, enjoying the last of summer’s warmth? Often the least popular time of year, Autumn can be fun too – why not try some of the below…

  1. Taking a bike ride through a park
  2. Baking something delicious – pies and soup are always good!
  3. Decorate your home to reflect warmth
  4. Read a novel
  5. Try knitting a cozy blanket or comfy socks
  6. Enjoy a bonfire or picnic with friends – Mmm toasted Marshmallows!
  7. Mix and match hot chocolate recipes.